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Knitting, Friends, and Stash

DSC_0008 11.23.26 AM

Saturday I had the best day.  Even though I tend to enjoy spending most of my ‘free’ time to myself at home, every once in a while I venture out.  I spend time with me (introvert) friends, and we knit.  It’s wonderful.

DSC_0004 11.23.26 AM

Most of my friends are just as introverted as I am.  It’s nice, because while the energy can get high when we’re all together chatting and joking around, most of the time it is mellow and nice.  We sit and we knit.  We talk about our projects, our lives, our friends.  Sometimes no one talks.  Sometimes we’ll watch a movie together, click click clicking away.  Yesterday we all met up at my LYS’s annual fall sale.  Everything in the shop was 25% off.  I spent a good amount of time knitting on a shawl I’m working on before we headed out to lunch.

DSC_0011 11.26.13 AM
Yarns: Madeline Tosh DK, Juniper Moon Findley Dappled

After lunch I explored the shop for new stash, coming out with yarn for specific projects and people.  I have so much yarn, that I didn’t want to go overboard.  I’m not sure that I was successful, but I’m happy.

Yarn: Plymouth Yarn Revel

When I came back home I felt like my knitting mojo had returned to me.  For the last two or three months I just haven’t felt like knitting.  Creating has been a chore, even if it was with clay.  I was drawing for work, but… it was for work.  I’m pleased that I finally feel like making things again for the sheer pleasure of it.

Yarn: Freia Fine Handpaints

So I’m off to knit.  I think I’ll start with a pair of fingerless gloves with the Madeline Tosh, the yarn is so wonderfully soft and I am feeling like a quick project to get off the needles this weekend.

Danger Monster Challenge-Hugo

One of my goals is to knit all of the Danger Craft’s monsters and critters.  They are all adorable, and have their own personalities.  I have knit several already that I need to post, but I am especially proud of this guy.  He was finished being knit last night, and this afternoon I put on the finishing touches.  The mustache, teeth, and bow-tie.  I am pretty sure this is the most respectable looking monster out there.


I mean, just look at him.  With his little sweater vest and matching tie.  Bright eyed and ready to go.


He is going to be sent on an adventure tomorrow to Minnesota, where he will be gifted to Russell’s aunt.  She has a nephew or grandson, I don’t remember which, that she was hoping to give a monster to.  I hope he likes him.  I hope they go on lots of adventures together.

Pattern notes: This pattern came out of Rebecca Danger Big Book of Knitted Monsters (whew, that’s a mouthful!).  Hugo was fun to knit.  Compared to the other monsters Hugo is huuuuggggeee.   While a lot of the other monsters only take a couple of days (sometimes only 1 or 2), he took me a week of knitting on an off.  I started him last Saturday on a little drive down to Phoenix, and have been working on him in the evenings when I have time as well.  He took an entire skein of what I think was Vanna’s Choice Acrylic (leftover from a project Russell had done in college), as well as some mystery acrylic that was in my stash and had been given to me years and years ago.  I like knitting the monsters with the acrylic because it is machine washable.  A lot of my other monsters are knit with wool stash and have to me hand-washed/hung to dry.  Overall I love this pattern.  I’ve made him once before, and the personalities really do change with each monsters.  Placement of eyes, color of yarn, etc. etc.