So within the last month I have begun to really get into knitting. I feel the need to use up all my yarn, but I am still buying some too. I hope to get most of my Christmas Gifts out of yarn that I had purchased in the past, although I know that I will need to buy a few skeins here and there. For those very important to me, I will probably buy some new yarn for their gifts to better match their personalities.

Since I am really loving knitting, I have put together a binder of patterns that I hope to knit someday. Some of them I will probably never knit, but you never know. I have started to frequent knitting and craft websites like no other, and the blogging of knitting, art, and craft process has inspired me to try and keep up with my blog. Lets cross our fingers for that one.

One of the things that I found online to knit on is a pattern for Calorimetry, a cute headband. I decided to knit this because it looked easy and quick, something I needed so that I could take a break from knitting a sweater-vest for Rick. So, I cast on around 8 at night, and about 4 and half hours later (altogether, I had to use about half an hour the next morning to finish it up and put on buttons) I had a Calorimetry. A very disappointing Calorimetry, though. Lets take a look:

Pattern: “Calorimetry” from
Difficulty: Listed as “Mellow” and I would definitely agree
Yarn: Tweedle Dee, Thunder- I picked it up in Anchorage to make a hat for Rick, and this was leftovers from what didn’t go into the hat
Modifications: I added two more buttons, so that it could be fastened tighter on the head.


Above: A back view, before I added a few more buttons to the side so that someone could make the Calorimetry tighter on their head the colors were a little less green in real life, and lighter. These pictures were taken in a bathroom (I was too excited to wait until I got home, so I found one with no one in it and took a few pictures using the mirror)

Below: A front/Side view. Here you can better see why I am disappointed. It is far to large. Way to large. It was comfortable, but huge on my head. When I did my gauge it was slightly too big, but I decided to go with it anyways. I have a big head, so I thought it would be fine. It was not.


So here I was, with a huge headband and disappointed. I needed to do something, and realized that someone with either: 1) A huge head, or 2) Huge hair, would benefit from this headband. After about two seconds I realized that I had just the person, a lovely girl I knew from art classes, Dana, who had huge dreads. After finding her she tried it on and seemed to be pleased with the random gift- making me very happy. I now had one less yarn creating cluttering my home, I got to try out this pattern, and I made someone happy. Throughout all of this I did show the Calorimetry to several other people at my office, and one of my co-workers, Ryia seemed to love the Calorimetry. So I asked her if she wanted one, and what type of colors she liked. She decided she wanted one, and that she liked cool colors, since she had such red/orange hair warm colors didn’t seem to suit her. So I made another, using thinner yarn and making some alterations:

Yarn: Malabrigo – Aquarella.
Modifications: After finishing the first half of the pattern, and starting to increase I realized that this was going to be huge on Ryia. She is very little, and has a small head. So I decided that I should increase more then they said, so that there were less rows, making the Calorimetry less wide. In the pattern you increase by four at the end of each row. I increased by 8, instead. This changed the way the Calorimetry looked in three ways:

1) The V shape made by the decreases/increases on the ends of the headband is not symmetrical, and as a result one side of the headband is more rounded than the other. I don’t mind this, I think it gives the pattern a definite front and back.
2) It was not as wide, as intended.
3) The holes that were made when decreasing/increasing weren’t all the same size. The ones that I went above when I added for more stitches to my increase were smaller then the ones that I “ended” my increases on. I think this is due to the stitch that I end up not slipping when I turn the work, since I’m not turning the work after four increased stitches.

Also, I added two more buttons so that Ryia would also have the option of making it tighter on her head.

Here is how it turned out, modeled by me and on my porch (it is a beautiful day out! Hurrah for sunshine in the fall!):


Above: Laying flat. Notice the extra buttons. They are shiny and brown. It was either those, or white. I think these buttons are really nice though, because they add a sort of Fall feeling to them.


Above: Front/Side view. It’s still a little big, but hopefully it will fit her head.


Above: Back view #1.


Above: Back view #2. This way you can see how the buttons look when on the head. Only one of the buttons is buttoned, but it will essentially look the same when they are fastened. Personally, I like the extra buttons.

Completed projects: 2 Calorimetry
Works in Progress: 1 Peters Easy Sweater Vest, 1 pair of Fetching Fingerless Mitts.

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